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The mission of the Green Team is to serve as a catalyst to promote efficient use of all resources within the School System Community.

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June 2010

March 2010

Cell Phone Recycling

Today, cell phones are only expected to have a life of 18 months before they are laid aside and upgraded to the latest and greatest in technology.

With all of this phone upgrading, over 125 million phones wind up in landfills worldwide, creating over 65,000 tons of toxic waste from materials such as lithium, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic found inside the phones and batteries.

So how do you enjoy your new phone, and have a Green Christmas at the same time? Why not donate your old phone?

Did you know that once your phone service has been switched to your new phone, your old phone can still be used to dial 911? Just make sure to delete your contact list, call history, and text messages on your old phone.

Do you know a home bound senior citizen, disabled individual, or someone who may not be able to afford phone service at all? Your old unwanted cell phone can be their lifeline in times of emergency.

The Women’s Resource Center of Winter Haven is accepting donations of used cell phones to give victims of domestic violence a lifeline to call for emergency services.
Phones can be dropped off at: 165 Ave A NW in Winter Haven (behind the post office) 294-5318

But what if your phone is broken? Check with your favorite Polk County school. Many of our schools are participating in Cell Phone and Printer Cartridge recycling programs. These programs allow the schools to earn money by recycling phones and printer cartridges, as well as keeping these items out of the landfill.

DISTRICT OFFICE STAFF: Phones for donation can be brought to Bruce Davis in Data Processing. (Please remember to bring your old charger with the phone.)

SUPPORT SERVICES STAFF: Phones for donation can be brought to Scott Reeves. (Please remember to bring your old charger with the phone.)

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