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In order to enhance the focus of research and evidence based materials to be used with all students in Polk County Public Schools and to ensure that the products and professional learning provided by consultants is focused on district priority professional learning needs, all external providers of professional learning must complete the P.U.R.E.(Purchasing and Utilizing Resources Effectively) review process. This process is used to ensure that instructional materials and programs provided by external consultants and vendors are aligned with Florida Standards and the Strategic Plan of Polk County Public Schools.


Current School PURE List


  • For supplemental instructional materials, you must first complete the "Request to Review." The submissions will be reviewed by the P.U.R.E. Committee at the end of each month. If the request for review is approved, you will be conatacted to begin the next steps of the review process.
  • If you are a vendor on the state adoption list and are looking to submit an application, click on the "Content Area Adoption Process" button below.
  • Vendors are NOT permitted to contact school personnel prior to P.U.R.E. approval. Doing so could place the approval of the program in jeopardy. During district adoption process for Instructional Materials, Polk County is a CLOSED school district.



If approved, you will be directed to one of the following categories to complete the applications for the next phase of the review process. If you are looking to submit for the Content Area Adoption, click on the "Content Area Adoption Process" button below.

If you have any questions regarding this process, contact Kellie Jarrett, Sr. Manager, Instructional Technology Program Implementation.