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Welcome Message

Good education is good for business and good for the community. The purpose of the Partners in Education program is to strengthen the educational process through collaborative relationships between schools and the community.

As a Partner in Education, you can help prepare today’s students to become tomorrow’s responsible, accomplished, and self-confident leaders. Your participation helps forge the type of employees your company desires and needs. Your commitment to each student’s success provides a community-minded model for our future adults.

Whether you have 5, 10, 100, or 1000 employees, you are a valued member of the school community. Partnerships formed through our office are mutually advantageous, providing many benefits to the participating business as well as to the students.

Partnership Benefits

Each partnership is unique and individually planned. Through collaboration, your business/organization and your employees can serve today’s students, tomorrow’s employees. Mentor students, be a career and motivational speakers, contribute products to a school’s incentive program, judge academic fairs, the list is long and varied.

Partnership Opportunities

Get started! Become a partner today and find the perfect match that will enable you to reap the many rewards of making education a part of your business.

Information and Forms

Getting Started

Becoming a Partner in Education with a public school in Polk County is easy.

  • Step 1. Assess your resources. What is the greatest strength that you offer?
    Our Business Resources Assessment and Employee Interest Inventory may be useful to you.
  • Step 2. Contact a school in your area by calling the school’s main office and speaking with the principal. He or she will refer you to the person assigned to partnerships at the school site. What schools are in your area? Click here.

If you are uncertain as to where your efforts would be of most value, contact the Polk Education Foundation at 863-534-0519. We’ll work with you to evaluate your resources and help you select a school.

  • Step 3. Sign an agreement with your selected school and begin!

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

Polk Education Foundation Sponsors

Thank You to our donors/sponsors who have supported the Polk Education Foundation.

Interested in helping the Foundation expand it's reach? Click here to learn about the Foundation’s programs and services and here to find out more information on direct ways you can help!

Parent Organizations

Parent and community members provide valuable resources and programs to Polk County Public Schools when they participate in parent organizations. These organizations collaborate with schools, but have separate financial requirements and obligations. All organizations must comply with district audit requirements, must carry liability insurance, register with the IRS and apply for a Florida sales tax number.

Learn more about Parent Organizations here.

Great American Teach-In

The Great American Teach-In is an annual event coordinated by the Department of Public Relations to celebrate American Education Week. Members of the community are invited to our schools to speak to students about careers, travel and hobbies. Speakers tell how their early educational experiences relate to their current life. It is an opportunity to educate students about the world of work in a way that the students will never forget!

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