Student Progression Plan

Will My Child Be Promoted?

Performance Standards


Pupil Promotion in Polk County’s public elementary schools is based upon an evaluation of each student’s achievement. The basis for making the determination should reflect consideration of the following: teacher made tests, classroom assignments, portfolio assessments, daily observations, standardized tests, state assessment, and other objective data.

Reading Proficiency

Any student who exhibits a substantial deficiency in reading skills based on district determined tests conducted before the end of grades 1, 2 and 3, or based on teacher recommendation, must be given intensive reading instruction until the deficiency is remedied.
According to state regulations, if a student’s reading deficiency is not remedied by the end of grade 3, as demonstrated by scoring at Level 2 or higher on FCAT reading for grade 3, the student MUST be retained (see Exemption from Retention for Good Cause on Back).

Academic Success Plans

Students will receive an Academic Success Plan if they meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Does not meet specific levels of performance as determined by the Polk County School Board in:
    • Reading and/or
    • Mathematics
  2. Does not meet specific levels of performance on statewide assessments at selected grade levels. These students will receive additional diagnostic assessments to determine:
    • The nature of the student’s difficulty.
    • The area of academic need.

The Academic Success Plan is developed in consultation with the student’s parents or legal guardians and will be monitored at intervals throughout the year.


Student retention is used as one administrative procedure to provide students with additional time to master the skills required for success in the next higher grade.

  • A student being considered for retention must be referred to the school-based promotion/retention team.
  • A student may be retained multi years in the primary and/or intermediate grades.

Any student in grade 3 who scores Level 1 on the FCAT reading must be retained (see Exemption from Retention for Good Cause). THE PRINCIPAL HAS THE FINAL DECISION FOR RETENTION within the guidelines of Florida State Board Rules.

Good Cause Exemptions

Good Cause is defined as conditions that exist such that retention would be more adverse for the student than promotion. The Board may waive the promotion requirements for a student when any one or more of the following apply:

  • ESE student taking FCAT with an IEP/504 plan showing intensive remediation in reading 2+ years still has deficiency in reading and previously retained K-2.
  • Very low functioning ESE student whose IEP indicates participation in FCAT is inappropriate.
  • LEP with less than 2 years of ESOL.
  • Student demonstrates acceptable performance on alternative standardized reading assessment approved by the State Board of Education.
  • Student demonstrates reading on grade level through a portfolio demonstrating proficiency comparable to level 2+ on FCAT.
  • Student has received intensive remediation in reading for 2 or more years, but still demonstrates a deficiency in reading and who was previously retained in K, 1, or 2 for a total of 2 years.