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Phoenix Program

The Phoenix Program serves secondary students who have committed an alcohol or other drug offense under the Student Code of Conduct. The Phoenix Program is an educational intervention for students who are involved in disciplinary action for the first time of an alcohol or other drug-related offense. The Phoenix program consists of two components:

  1. Educational -- Six two-hour classes which emphasize family relationships and communication as well as increasing knowledge about the consequences and effects of substance use/abuse are provided for both the student and the parent/guardian.
  2. Assessment -- The student and parent/guardian participate in a substance abuse assessment in which the extent of the student's drug involvement is explored. The outcome of the assessment, which usually takes about two hours, is to provide the parent(s)/guardian(s) with recommendations for continual intervention and prevention.

Both student and a parent/guardian/caregiver must attend and successfully complete all aspects of the Phoenix Program in order for the student to remain enrolled in his/her assigned school. Students who do not successfully complete the Phoenix Program are suspended for an additional five days and are reassigned to an alternative school for 90 days.

There are four sites where the Phoenix Program is available:

  • North Lakeland -- Mondays at Sleepy Hill Middle School, 2215 Sleepy Hill Rd.
  • Haines City -- Mondays at Boone Middle School, 225 S. 22nd St.
  • South Lakeland -- Tuesdays at Traviss Technical Center, 3225 Winter Lake Rd.
  • Winter Haven -- Thursdays at Mark Wilcox Center, 611 Post Ave.

All Phoenix Program classes are held from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Attendance for the entire class is required; please be on time. To attend the Phoenix Program, families must first register by calling the Mark Wilcox Center at (863) 291-5355.

Voluntary Substance Abuse Assessments

At the request of a parent/guardian, voluntary assessments are provided for students who are suspected of alcohol or other drug use. For more information or to make an appointment for a substance abuse assessment, please call the Mark Wilcox Center at (863) 291-5355.

Media Library Library

The library contains prevention resources and materials, such as conflict resolution, social skills, and bullying prevention, which are available for checkout

To order from the Media Library, please contact the Mark Wilcox Center at (863) 291-5355. Orders cannot be placed online at this time.

For more information ...

Please contact the Mark Wilcox Center at (863) 291-5355 or contact Cathy Boek, Manager of Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention.