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What is Parent University?

Polk Parent University is a collaborative community effort led by Polk County’s Title I department and other parent involvement contacts within the school district to help parents become full partners in their children’s education.

Parent University is a partnership with community agencies and organizations to offer free courses, family events, and activities that will equip families with new or additional skills, knowledge, and resources. Workshops and classes will engage parents in innovative and meaningful partnerships for learning.

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What is the Goal of Polk’s Parent University?

The goal of Polk’s Parent University is to increase parent involvement in the schools and empower parents to raise children who are successful in school and in life.

Parent University is a way in which our school district, businesses, and other community organizations can provide education to parents. Our philosophy is that parenting, like other types of education, is an ongoing and lifelong learning process.

Many school districts have implemented programs similar to Polk’s Parent University in order to:

  • increase parental involvement and participation in schools,
  • allow parents an opportunity to network with professionals and other parents
  • and help parents develop the skills needed to implement positive parenting practices and further their education.

There are several ways you can partner with us:

  1. Provide information in the form of brochures, pamphlets, etc. for our centers.
  2. Provide a service for our centers. (Workshops, classes, trainings, other?)
  3. Volunteer in the center.

Please complete the participation form so that we can contact you.

Letter to Vendors

Parent University Presentations

Who can attend?

Any parent of a student in a Polk County public school may attend.

Is there a cost to attend?

Most workshops and classes will be a free service to parents of students in Polk schools. Some classes may require a small fee.

What times will classes be offered?

Our goal is provide workshops and classes to parents at flexible times/days; Mornings, evenings and Saturdays. Courses are offered any day of the week and at times sensitive to the work and personal schedules of parents.

Who teaches the workshops?

Workshops are facilitated by community and business professionals, district staff, parents, and students.

Will childcare be provided?

Limited childcare will be provided for our all day Parent University events. There will be a section on the registration form to indicate your needs. Unfortunately at this time childcare will not be provided for workshops and classes provided at the parent centers.

Will translation be provided?

Yes, for our all day Parent University events. There will be a section on the registration form to indicate your needs. Each of the parent centers is staffed with a bilingual Family Liasion Para so translation services is always available. The parent centers also offer some classes in Spanish and also conversational English classes.