All programs submitted for TV broadcast will be evaluated for compliance with technical standards and guidelines, including appropriateness of message and audience. All Broadcast requests must be approved by a School Principal/Department Director before being considered for broadcast. Upon approval the program will be scheduled and prioritized for air at the earliest and best time available. A Submission of a request does not guarantee that the program will be broadcast. All programs and media submitted for broadcast must be accompanied by a printed copy of the request form.

Programs may be submitted in DVCAM, mini-DV videotape and DVD-R formats. All formats should be recorded in the SP (2 hour) mode and should be no more than 2nd generation copies of the original. Programs submitted on VHS may not be accepted for air. Programs should include 30 seconds of black before program start and 30 seconds of black at program end. A slate may be included to identify the program but must be followed by at least 10 seconds of black before program start. Countdowns should not be included at the start of programs. Videotapes and DVDs should not contain more than one program or episode per request. A separate video or DVD should be submitted with each program request. Programs and media submitted for broadcast will not be returned.

Broadcast Request Form

Important Guidelines: Copyrighted materials (photos from newspapers, websites or magazines, most forms of clipart, company logos and graphics) must have written permission to use granted from the copyright holder. The permission should include the right to broadcast the image or graphic. Mention of sponsors should be limited to name and address. Web page addresses of sponsors should not be included.

Images of students and/or staff must have a signed image consent form. It is the responsibility of the requesting school or department to ensure that all consent and copyright requirements have been met, before submitting any request for service.

All applicable permission paperwork, including signed image consent forms and copyright authorizations, should be kept on file at the requesting school/department.

Programs that range from 30 minutes to 1 hour are the preferred length and format of programs submitted for broadcast. Other lengths may include :30 sec. and :60 sec. spots, 3 min., 5 min. and 10 min. promotional programs. Where possible, it is anticipated that programs will conform to these format lengths. Programs of any length will be accepted and aired subject to channel space availability.

This program has been checked for the following: (select all that apply)

Approved by School Principal/Department Director: By signing the fields below, the supervisor is indicating that he/she is responsible for the content and for broadcasting the information as described above. I have reviewed the request:

Be sure to print and send in a copy with your tape/DVD.